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Put all your Android's sensors to the test


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Physics Toolbox Suite is a complete toolbox for measuring and testing all your device's sensors. This includes the accelerometer, perhaps one of the most-used sensors in Android video games, the magnetometer, and the light sensor. You can test every single sensor.

On the drop-down menu to the left you can find a shortcut to all the device's sensors. Once you start measuring one of these sensors, you just have to press the red button in the upper right to record the test. Once it's recorded, you can store it to your device or share it via email.

The tools included in Physics Toolbox Suite let you test the following: accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, magnetometer, light sensor, proximeter, compass, microphone, tone generator, and orientation, among others.

Physics Toolbox Suite is an excellent app. Not only does it help you take care of your device's sensors, it also lets you do practical things like use the magnetometer to tell you if steel is stainless or not.
Physics Toolbox: A physics lab on your smartphone!

There's a fantastic physics analytics tool right in the palm of your hand and you didn't even know it. These days, any old smartphone incorporates an array of sensors that collect data on motion and interaction for use by apps. But nothing keeps you from taking advantage of this data reception hub for your own purposes by making use of tools like Physics Toolbox Suite for Android.
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Requires Android 4.1 or higher